18 September 2023

Aaron Catlow & I embark on our mini Autumn Leaves Tour 2023. Isle Of Man, Sevenoaks, Swannington (Leicestershire) and Axbridge (Somerset) are the destinations. We're excited to get back on the road one more time in 2023. It has been a banner year for us. Expect our Greatest Hit(s) and a preview of some songs from our new 2024 album, Greens & Blues. Please join us if we're near to you. We guarantee a fabulous evening! I absolutely love the music we get to play and sing in our duo. I also love how we improvise like mad, making each show a bespoke adventure for us - and you! It's a joy to play these gigs with Aaron. Gig Details HERE. (Photo by Andy Craig) 

Although festival season is over, the gigs roll on, roll on…… UK, Portugal (sold out), USA and more UK. (photo by Brooks from Didmarton Bluegrass Festival) 
September 2023 
21st The Institute, Laxey, Isle Of Man (Brooks & Aaron Catlow) 
22nd St Edith’s Folk Club, Sevenoaks (Brooks & Aaron Catlow) 
23rd Elm Farm Music, Swannington (Brooks & Aaron Catlow) 
24th Axbridge Town Hall, Somerset (Brooks & Aaron Catlow) 
30th The Sound Box, Chester, Cheshire (Brooks SOLO!) 

October 2023 
6th-7th Costa del Folk, Portugal (Brooks & Dan Walsh) 
15th Music At The Point, Long Beach, CA USA (Brooks SOLO!) 
20th Knox Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, CA USA INFO 
28th Concert, Keighley, West Yorkshire (Brooks SOLO!) 

November 2023 
2nd Private Concert, Long Island USA (Brooks SOLO!) 
3rd Folkus Project, Syracuse, NY USA (Brooks SOLO!) 
4th Six On The Square, Oxford, NY USA (Brooks SOLO!) 
5th Sailing Into Song, Newton, MA USA (Brooks SOLO!) 
8th Coffeehouse Series, Anomaly Brewing, Berwick, PA USA (Brooks SOLO!) 
10th Six String Concerts, Bronwynn Theater, McConnell Arts Center, Worthington, OH USA (Brooks SOLO!) 
11th Private Concert, Pittsburgh, PA USA (Brooks SOLO!) 

December 2023 
4th The Lightship, Blyth, Northumberland (Brooks SOLO!) 
5th House Concert, South Shields, Tyne and Wear (Brooks SOLO!) 
7th Sheffield University, Sheffield (Brooks & Aaron Catlow)

Back in the early days of my apprenticeship, one of the many musicians I got to work with was guitarist Leo Kottke. Besides being a lot of fun, I learned a lot playing my short set of songs to full houses. One of those shows was in a club just across the Charles River from Boston. It was one of those clubs with no seats or tables, the walls painted black. The type of venue that hadn't had an acoustic guitar darken its doors for a century or more. The sound and light crew greeted us with polite curiosity. We walked like dinosaurs in their midst. “You mean you only need a vocal mic and a guitar lead?” We assured them this was true. They looked disappointed. “It'll be a 5-minute soundcheck, tops,” we said. Over an hour later we're still struggling with howling feedback and overly enthusiastic stage lights. Leo, the voice of reason, gently suggests a possible approach to getting the best sound. I believe his words were, “Turn it on, turn it down and don't fiddle with it.” Problem solved. It's high-fives all around as we leave the venue for a slap-up meal. Leo got back to our tiny Green Room a little bit before me, so you can imagine my surprise when I opened the door to clouds of very distinctive and pungent smoke. “It wasn't me,” says Leo, “when I got back from dinner the sound and light crew were having a little pre-show party. I chased ‘em out. So strap yourself in. They'll turn it on, turn it up and will fiddle with the sound and lights all night. We're in for a interesting ride.” And he wasn’t wrong.