TOUR DATES (Online & In-Person)

VIRTUALLY Rose Garden Coffeehouse


This show will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. Time of show (7 or 8pm New York) and further details forthcoming!

Guitar Workshop (Day-long)

Cottenham Village College (details forthcoming), Cottenham, Cambridge UK

Spice Up Your Guitar Playing Learn a new song. Learn a new riff. Learn a new chord or two. We'll look at four songs from across the acoustic guitar spectrum - blues, country, folk, singer-songwriter - and look at a couple of things we can do to spice up our sound. Why simply play chords when we can do so much more!

VIRTUALLY Summer Acoustic Music Week Concert Series

Everywhere (details forthcoming)

An hour-long ZOOM concert hosted by our friends at WUMB-FM's Summer Acoustic Music Week (SAMW). Details for time and vitual location forthcoming.