Brooks' Recordings

2024 Diamond Days (Brooks Williams) 
2024 Greens And Blues (Brooks & Aaron Catlow)
2023 Should We Tell Him: Songs By Don Everly (Brooks & Rab Noakes)
2022 Fortune By Design (Brooks & Dan Walsh)
2022 Ready For The Times (Brooks & Aaron Catlow)
2021 Ghost Owl (Brooks & Aaron Catlow)
2021 Grant Avenue Tapes LP (Brooks Williams)
2020 Work My Claim (Brooks Williams)
2018 Lucky Star (Brooks Williams)
2017 Brooks' Blues (Brooks Williams)
2017 Saltwell Sessions (Brooks & Boo Hewerdine)
2016 My Turn Now (Brooks Williams)
2014 Shreveport Sessions (Brooks Williams)
2013 New Everything (Brooks Williams)
2013 Snake Oil (Brooks & Boo Hewerdine)
2012 Brooks' Guitars (Brooks Williams)
2011 State Of The Union (Brooks & Boo Hewerdine)
2010 Baby-O (Brooks Williams)
2008 Time I Spend With You (Brooks Williams)
2006 Blues And Ballads (Brooks Williams)
2005 Guitar Player (Brooks Williams)
2004 Live Solo (Brooks Williams)
2003 Nectar (Brooks Williams)
2001 Skiffle Bop (Brooks Williams)
2000 Little Lion (Brooks Williams)
1999 Hundred Year Shadow (Brooks Williams)
1997 Seven Sisters (Brooks Williams)
1996 Ring Some Changes (Brooks & Jim Henry)
1995 Knife Edge (Brooks Williams)
1994 Inland Sailor (Brooks Williams)
1992 Back To Mercy (Brooks Williams)
1991 How The Night-time Sings (Brooks Williams)
1990 North From Statesboro (Brooks Williams)