Grant Avenue Tapes (Vol. 1): Vinyl
  • Grant Avenue Tapes (Vol. 1): Vinyl
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Limited-edition, numbered and signed release in all its analog glory! Classic acoustic Brooks Williams on vinyl for the first time. Recorded in 1995 at Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton, Ontario onto 2-inch reel-to-reel tape through valve mics, a valve compressor, and a vintage plate reverb. Brooks plays acoustic & bottleneck acoustic guitar and sings. Also featured are: Colin Linden (guitar, mandolin), Hugh Marsh (violin), Richard Bell (organ), Gary Craig (drums/percussion), Johnny Dymond (bass), Kristen Kunhardt (vocals), Terry Wilkins (double bass) and Bob Doidge (accordion).

Track Listing: SIDE A 1. Someone Else To Blame 2. You Don’t Know My Mind 3. Late Night Train 4. 
Lee’s Highway 5. From Boston To Dublin

SIDE B 1. Wanderer’s Song 2. When The Dentist Dreams 3. Knife Edge 4. Caves Of Missouri 5. Goodbye Walker Percy 6. 
This World Is Not My Home

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Work My Claim: CD
  • Work My Claim: CD

Work My Claim: CD

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30th-Anniversary album of Brooks Williams' favourite songs from his back catalogue. An acoustic tour-de-force, "Work My Claim" also features some of Brooks’ musician friends including John McCusker (Mark Knopfler, McCusker McGoldrick and Doyle, Heidi Talbot), Christine Collister (Richard Thompson, Daphne’s Flight), Jim Henry (Eliza Gilkyson, Tracy Grammer, The Boxcar Lillies), Ralf Grottian (The Bluescats), Aaron Catlow (Yola Carter, Sheelanagig, Hawes & Catlow) and Phil Richardson (Claypath).

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