'Brooks Williams is one of those select few how on earth does he do it?! artists. (Fatea)

Cambridge UK-based, Statesboro, Georgia US-born guitarist singer and songwriter Brooks Williams is admired by both listeners and fellow musicians, and has been a leading light on the acoustic music scene for three decades. 'He was playing Americana before it had been given the name' (CMP).

His guitar skills are evident as he effortlessly slides in and out of folk, blues and country with a jazz player’s adroitness. It comes as no surprise he is listed in the Top 100 Acoustic Guitarists. Williams’ voice also takes centre stage and has been described as one you ‘melt into.’ His song are rich narratives about guitar players, gamblers, dreamers, ne’er-do-wells and golden palominos. RnR says they are ‘imbued with uplifting generosity.’

Known for both solos shows and collaborations, Williams’ on-going collaboration with Boo Hewerdine (called State Of The Union) is legendary, with 4-star reviews, BBC airplay and even an appearance on The Andrew Marr Show on BBC1.

Additionally, he’s performed or recorded with fiddler Aaron Catlow, banjoist Dan Walsh, guitarists Martin Simpson and Henry Parker, as well as singers like Katie Spencer, Christine Collister, Kris Drever, Finlay Napier, Sloan Wainwright, Hans Theessink, and Rab Noakes.

Born in Statesboro, Georgia USA, Williams moved to Boston at the height of that city’s burgeoning singer-songwriter scene. In the early 1990s, he did his apprenticeship in the bars and clubs in New York and New England and cut his teeth supporting artists like Shawn Colvin, Chris Smither, Rory Block, Leo Kottke, Odetta, Billy Bragg and Taj Mahal. People took notice and acoustic music radio played him from the very beginning, including WUMB-FM in Boston, where Williams is one of their Top 100 Artists Of All-Time.

In the dictionary, next to the definition of road dog, is a photo of Brooks Williams. The list of venues and festivals he has played is staggeringly vast and international. Cropredy. Newport. Philadelphia. Winnipeg. Cambridge. Istanbul. Nairobi. Cologne. Rotterdam. Glasgow. Glastonbury.

His first album, North From Statesboro, caught the attention of The Washington Post and National Public Radio, which set the ball rolling and Williams never looked back. In subsequent years he has released a staggering 29 recordings in 30 years for labels like Green Linnet Records, Solid Air Records, Signature Sounds and Reveal, including Work My Claim, which Blues Matters calls 'a career-defining statement, an important legacy, and a lifetime achievement.

The last word goes to Fatea, who opines, 'Brooks Williams is quite simply one of the most unassuming, natural performers on the circuit, and his easy, relaxed manner conceals the greatest level of true expertise.'

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"He's quite simply one of the most unassuming, natural performers on the circuit, and his easy, relaxed manner conceals the greatest level of true expertise, whether using jaw-droppingly effortless fingerstyle or soulful slide to accompany his extensive repertoire of songs (many, although self-penned, are wholly idiomatic, authentic creations). He's been at the top of his game ever since I can remember, and he shows no sign of slowing down or resting back on past glories." FATEA

"He is a lovely player, a lovely singer and a great writer. Brooks Williams is the real thing." Martin Simpson

"He has a beautiful voice that you just melt into." AmericanaUK

“It is pure talent, hard work and relentless touring which has brought him to the pinnacle of his career.” Blues In Britain

"One of the most consistently excellent musicians in roots music. On top of all this is his songwriting which stands comparison with virtually any of his peers." American Roots UK

“Melodic virtuosity on the guitar that runs like liquid from his fingers.” The Irish News

“Dazzling guitar work!” Acoustic Guitar

“How soulful a solo guitarist can be when he has talent, taste and astonishing technique.” Blues Revue

“Deft, tasteful guitar chops.” Rolling Stone

It is pure talent, hard work and relentless touring which has brought Brooks Williams to the pinnacle of his career.”

— Dave Scott, Blues Bytes