Brooks Williams

"Brooks Williams is one of those select few 'how on earth does he do it?!' artists." (Fatea)

Brooks Williams is a Cambridge UK based, Statesboro, Georgia USA born guitarist singer and songwriter.

He is named one of WUMB-FM Boston's Top 100 All-Time Artists and is listed in the Top 100 Acoustic Guitarists. Rave reviews have come in from RnR, Fatea, Blues Matters, Q and Songlines.

Known for both solos shows and collaborations with the likes of Boo Hewerdine (they call themselves State of the Union), Rab Noakes, Sloan Wainwright and Hans Theessink, Brooks is one of roots music's guiding lights. "An accomplished guitarist in possession of rich vocal powers and a talent for lyrical imagery, his songs are imbued with uplifting generosity." (RnR)

Have a look at Brooks' Lockdown Duets (virtual collaborations with the likes of Aaron Catlow, Christine Collister, Katie Spencer, Dan Walsh and Henry Parker).

Visit Brooks' song archive for chords, lyrics and TAB to his most popular songs.

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Shaking These Christmas Blues (Version 2020)

A Holiday Single For Charity

Missing family and friends this year, especially over the holidays, I revisited my song, Shaking These Christmas Blues. Inspired by everything going on and mindful of how so many people have been pushed to the max by it all, I called on my friends to record this Version 2020. That’s Phil Richardson on piano, Aaron Catlow on fiddle, and Lukas Drinkwater on double bass. We recorded virtually - that’s our thing now, right? - between Cambridge, Gloucester, Tyneside and Bath UK. I love what they brought to the song. I will be donating the proceeds to MIND, one of the UK’s prominent mental health charities.