Brooks Williams

Statesboro, Georgia-born, Cambridge, England-based guitarist singer and songwriter

"Brooks Williams is one of those select few 'how on earth does he do it?!' artists." (Fatea)

With over 30-plus recordings and 30-plus years of touring, Williams is named one of WUMB-FM Boston's Top 100 All-Time Artists, is nominated best male vocalist by Spiral Earth, and is listed in the Top 100 Acoustic Guitarists.

Brooks Williams has been playing Americana since before it was called that.

Known for both solos shows and collaborations, RnR writes, Williams is a "guitarist in possession of rich vocal powers and a talent for lyrical imagery, his songs are imbued with uplifting generosity" (Read Full RnR Interview, Road Dog).

His collaborations include shows with ace fiddler, Aaron Catlow. Their album, Ghost Owl, is short-listed Instrumental Album Of 2021 by Fatea. "Rich in texture and devoid of a single wasted note," says Northern Sky. Have a look at the title track, Ghost Owl, or King Of California, recorded/filmed live-in-the-studio.  

There is also Brooks' new collaboration with virtuoso banjoist Dan Walsh. The two will be touring throughout 2022. Have a look at their arrangement of Church Street Blues.

Other exciting musical collaborations include Brooks with Boo Hewerdine, Rab Noakes, Sloan Wainwright and Hans Theessink.

New music launches on Brooks' YouTube channel regularly (please subscribe!). Plus, Brooks' Song Archive, for all you guitar and singing enthusiasts. Vinyl, CDs and downloads (DL) are available in the Store.

Brooks Williams, writes Fatea, is “quite simply one of the most unassuming, natural performers on the circuit, and his easy, relaxed manner conceals the greatest level of true expertise.”