Guitarist, Song Wrangler, Roots Music Connoisseur

"A lovely player, a lovely singer and a great writer. Brooks Williams is the real thing." (Martin Simpson)

Statesboro, Georgia-born, Cambridge, England-based guitarist singer and songwriter Brooks Williams, a leading light on the roots acoustic music scene, has over 33 recordings and has appeared at countless venues and festival for over three decades. 

He moves effortlessly between country, blues and folk. WUMB-FM Boston names Williams one of their Top 100 All-Time Artists and he's listed in the Top 100 Acoustic Guitarists.

RnR writes, Williams is a "guitarist in possession of rich vocal powers and a talent for lyrical imagery, his songs are imbued with uplifting generosity" (Read Full RnR Interview, Road Dog).

Brooks' solo concerts are legendary. How can so much music come from one guitar, audiences have been heard to ask at Brooks' gigs. In 2024, with his first solo recording in years and years, Brooks heads out on a SOLO TOUR. Read all about it HERE.

In addition to his legendary solo acoustic concerts, Brooks' duo with fiery fiddler Aaron Catlow is a crowd favourite as well. They have toured every year since 2021 and have recorded three CDs in that time, Greens And Blues, Ready For The Times and Ghost Owl. Read all about Brooks & Aaron.

Williams also collaborated with the late-great Rab Noakes on his Should We Tell Him: Songs By Don Everly recording. What turned out to be Noakes' last recording is a corker! And, says Folk Radio UK, "is a genuine labour of love that should be embraced by fans of Noakes, Williams and The Everlys alike." Find out more HERE.

Over the years other collaborations include State Of The Union (Brooks & Boo Hewerdine), Jim Henry, Dan Walsh, Sloan Wainwright, Hans Theessink, Sally Barker & Guy Davis.

Brooks Williams, writes Fatea, is “quite simply one of the most unassuming, natural performers on the circuit, and his easy, relaxed manner conceals the greatest level of true expertise.”


Photo (above) Kris Kesiak



Get on the train for Brooks' first solo tour in ages and ages. WATCH.

LISTEN to a couple of songs:
London Road

READ about the album & tour.

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Brooks & Aaron

Tour Continues April 2024!

Brooks & Aaron continue their Greens & Blues Tour in April 2024. Read all about it HERE. Get your very own Greens & Blues CD/DL.