Grant Avenue Tapes (Vol. 1): Vinyl
  • Grant Avenue Tapes (Vol. 1): Vinyl
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Limited-edition, numbered and signed release in all its analog glory! Classic acoustic Brooks Williams on vinyl for the first time. Recorded in 1995 at Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton, Ontario onto 2-inch reel-to-reel tape through valve mics, a valve compressor, and a vintage plate reverb. Brooks plays acoustic & bottleneck acoustic guitar and sings. Also featured are: Colin Linden (guitar, mandolin), Hugh Marsh (violin), Richard Bell (organ), Gary Craig (drums/percussion), Johnny Dymond (bass), Kristen Kunhardt (vocals), Terry Wilkins (double bass) and Bob Doidge (accordion).

Track Listing: SIDE A 1. Someone Else To Blame 2. You Don’t Know My Mind 3. Late Night Train 4. 
Lee’s Highway 5. From Boston To Dublin

SIDE B 1. Wanderer’s Song 2. When The Dentist Dreams 3. Knife Edge 4. Caves Of Missouri 5. Goodbye Walker Percy 6. 
This World Is Not My Home

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