29 May 2024

   My boss is a real hard-ass. He rarely gives me any time off. My boss is me, so I know what I'm talking about. However, this summer he surprised me by suggesting that I take a beat or two to catch my breath, in-and-around the gigs - LISTED BELOW - of course, and the family stuff Jo and I have going on. I can't believe my good fortune. (I take back everything disparaging I ever said about him!) 
   I don't have any grand plans for this mini-break, but I can guarantee my guitar won't be far from my reach. It never is. There's always something I'm working on or working at, and some song or tune I'm thinking up, or some recording session I'm scheming.
   The other day I realised I won't live long enough to achieve everything I want to as a guitarist and songwriter. Although on the surface that sounds pathetically morose, actually it's kind of cool. It is like a river that has no end.
   I look down at my guitar, sitting in the open guitar case by my feet. There's songs and melodies in it that need freein', I think. It may take a bit of time, but give it that time and, in the words of Guy Clark, you can find out what haunts it. I won't possibly free every single song or tune in the beloved banged-up box of wood and wires I play, but I sure can try.

5th Grateful Fred’s, The Atkinson, Southport, Merseyside (Brooks & Aaron)
14th Bluestone Brewery, Newport, Wales (Brooks & Aaron)
15th Cubanas, Barry, Wales (Brooks & Aaron)
22nd Summer Festival, The Anchor, Sevenoaks, Kent (SOLO)
23rd Folk at the Froize, Froize Freehouse, Woodbridge, Suffolk (Brooks & Aaron)
3rd Cop Carnival, York, North Yorkshire (w Phil Richardson, piano)
5th The Upper Room, The Brewery Tap, Doncaster, South Yorkshire (SOLO)
6th Kimpton Folk Festival, Kimpton, Hertfordshire (w Dan Walsh, banjo)
14th Ely Folk Festival, Ely, Cambridgeshire (w Vera van Heeringen & Boo Hewerdine)
15th Marlborough College, Marlborough, Wiltshire (Brooks, Aaron & Jon Short
17th Burnett’s Hill Chapel, Martletwy, Pembrokeshire Wales (Brooks, Aaron & Jon Short)
20th St Edith Folk, Vestry Hall, Cranbrook, Kent (Brooks, Aaron & Jon Short)
27th Private gig (SOLO)
9th Kalamazoo Klub, Hornsey, London (Brooks & Aaron)
31st Didmarton Bluegrass Festival, Didmarton, Gloucestershire (Brooks & Aaron)
1st Whitstable Sessions Music Club, Whitstable, Kent (Brooks & Aaron)
6th Bristol Folk House, Bristol, Avon (Brooks & Aaron)

Coming in Autumn: Brooks & Vera van Heeringen on tour (Sep-Oct); Brooks solo in the USA (Nov); Brooks solo in The Netherlands (Nov).

Get an exclusive look at some of the newer songs from the BROOKS & AARON Greens & Blues Tour. Beautifully filmed with excellent sound, this was a really fun gig in a quirky upstairs room at the wonderful Ebenezer's in Crewe. Aaron and I hope you love this little taste of what our tour has been like. And a big thank you to those who have joined us so far. See you out there this summer!