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After You've Gone (from Lucky Star)
Backwater Blues (from Brooks' Blues)
Before Coffee (from Back To Mercy)
Belfast Blues (from Little Lion)
Bright Side of the Blues (from Lucky Star)
Crazy Dance (from My Turn Now)
Darker Kind Of Blue (from Hundred Year Shadow)
Darkness (from State Of The Union)
Deep River Blues (from Shreveport Sessions)
Distant Memory (from State Of The Union)
Frank Delandry (from Work My Claim)
From Boston To Dublin (from Grant Avenue Tapes)
Gambling Man  (from Lucky Star)
Georgia (from Shreveport Sessions)
Going Away  (from Shreveport Sessions)
Goodbye Walker Percy (from Shreveport Sessions)
Half The Grace (from Live Solo)
Happy All The Time (from How The Night-time Sings)
Hesitation Blues (from Brooks' Blues)
Here Comes The Blues (from Work My Claim)
In The Evening (from Blues And Ballads)
Inland Sailor (from Work My Claim)
Joanna (from More New Everything)
Joker's Wild  (from My Turn Now)
Joyful, Joyful (from Little Lion)
King Of California (from Work My Claim)
Knife Edge (from Grant Avenue Tapes)
Last Chance Love  (from Baby O)
Late Night Train (from Grant Avenue Tapes)
Little Lion (from Little Lion)
Mercury Blues (from Shreveport Sessions)
Moon Over Maverick (from New Everything) - Lyrics and Chords, Chord Diagrams
Mother Earth (from Brooks' Blues) - Lyrics and Chords, TAB
My Turn Now (from Work My Claim)
Nine Day Wonder  (from My Turn Now)
Nobody Wins (from My Turn Now)
On The Rollin' Sea (from North From Statesboro)
Peg And Awl (from State Of The Union)
Rich Tonight (from Seven Sisters)
Rock Me (from Lucky Star)
Rosalyn (from My Turn Now)
Save The Bones (from Brooks' Blues)
Seven Sisters (from Work My Claim)
Shady Grove (from Blues And Ballads)
Shaking These Christmas Blues (from More New Everything)
Sitting On Top Of The World  (from Brooks' Blues)
Sixty-One Highway (from Time I Spend With You) - Lyrics and Chords, TAB/Guitar Music
Snake Oil (from Snake Oil)
Something You Got (from Lucky Star)
Statesboro Blues (from Brooks' Blues)
Sugar Sweet (from Shreveport Sessions)
Sweet Honey In The Rock (from State Of The Union)

Teach Me (from New Everything)
The Time I Spend With You (from Shreveport Sessions)

Walk You Off My Mind (from Shreveport Sessions)
Wanderer's Song (from Grant Avenue Tapes)
Water Song (from Little Lion)
Weepin' Willow Blues (from Shreveport Sessions) - Lyrics and Chords, TAB
What Wondrous Love (from Little Lion)
Winter Moon (Single/DL 2021)
Year Began (from My Turn Now)
You Don't Know Me (from Time I Spend With You)