BW: acoustic & bottleneck guitars and vocal 

Jennifer Shader: double bass 

Kristin Kunhardt: backing vocal 

Recorded October 1990-January 1991 by Bruce Seifried at Loudville Studio, Loudville, MA USA. Mastered by Toby Mountain at NDR. 

All songs and arrangements by Brooks Williams (c) Red Guitar Blue Music (aka Brooks Williams Music) Copyright Controlled. Except: “Happy All The Time” (traditional, arranged by Brooks Williams). 

Original cover photo By Robert Tobey. Cover drawing and design by Charlie Hunter. Reissue design by Leslie Lee. 

Originally issued on Red Guitar Blue Music, 1991


A few things came together at the same time. First, that beat-up old Gibson B-25 I bought from Amherst Music was turning out to be a killer bottleneck slide guitar. Next, Jennifer Shader heard me doing an interview on on WERS-FM in Boston and called the station to introduce herself. “If you ever need a double bass player, I hope you’ll call me first,” she said. Around the same time, I heard Kristin Kunhardt sing a showcase set before one of my gigs at The Old Vienna. Shortly after that I met up with both Jennifer and Kristin and loved the righteous racket we were making.

Bruce Seifried engineered my first album and I wanted his expertise on this one too. We began recording at Loudville Studio, which at the time was in the upstairs rooms of Bruce’s house in Northampton, MA. Mics and wires stretched across the hall and into spare rooms where we stood and sang next to the windows or sat on the edge of the bed and played guitar. Bruce combined digital recording gear with vintage tube mics and reel-to-reel tape machines to capture a thoroughly modern, yet incredibly huge retro sound. We, literally, used every inch of tape space, in one instance putting the guitar solo on the same track as the backing vocal and switching back and forth as needed.

Last but not least, my rail-walking and beer-drinking buddy Charlie Hunter did the original cover drawing and design. A few months later How The Night-time Sings was launched into the world, just a few short months after my son was born. I dedicated the original album to him in 1991 and I do so again now in 2019. Love you for always.




"Who is Brooks Williams? He's a superb, inventive guitar player and a warm, engaging singer. He plays like Ry Cooder and Leo Kottke and he sings like David Wilcox and Bruce Cockburn. If you like them, you'll like him.  He writes songs with clear images, familiar melodies and occasionally unexpected chord changes. A couple of them have unusual twists. In "Jubilee", he and his father catch fish using a flashlight. The song becomes a metaphor for looking for a miracle to give him faith. "Railwalker" deals with feeling confined in a small town, yet having a sense of freedom because the railroad tracks connect him with the outside world.   There's lots of positive energy on the album. His first disc, "North from Statebsoro" was nominated as best folk album of 1990 by the Boston Music Awards."

- Sigmund Finman, Pittsburgh Free Press

Publicity Photo from 1991

Promo Photo 1991

Promo Photo 1991