29 June 2021

In the deep Winter of 2021 I was asked to make up some guitar music to go with a few films of barn owls flying over fields. "Some guitar music" became an album's worth of music called …

15 June 2021


Another song from the Grant Avenue Tapes 12-inch LP. From Boston To Dublin is in the ‘People’s Key’ (C), and features a folk-Americana alternating rhythm and my favourite inversion of G7. Have

14 May 2021

Live Music - Perhaps?
Baby steps, as they say. The UK is opening up a bit as the vaccine programme rolls out further and further here, so there might - just might - be a gig or two showing up…

3 May 2021

Grant Avenue Arrives!

As the pre-orders of my first 12-inch vinyl record, Grant Avenue Tapes, wind their way through the post to turntables around the UK and the US (and even one to Germany!), I've been receiving some lovely…

20 April 2021

Grant Avenue Tapes Vinyl Arrives

Watch the unboxing. (There's a cat!)

My first vinyl. From some sessions I recorded at Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton, Ontario Canada in 1995. Thankfully the studio still has the tapes. And I do…

8 April 2021

Saturday, April 10th 2021
1st Session 4pm (London), 11am (New York), 9am (Denver)
2nd Session 5:30pm (London), 12:30pm (New York), 10:30am (Denver)

A few spaces remain for this Saturday's guitar workshops being presented by…

17 March 2021

7:30 pm (New York)

My friends at The Vanilla Bean Cafe in Pomfret, Connecticut are presenting me in their WISH YOU WERE HERE Concert Series.

I do wish I was there, but, for now, I'm…

1 March 2021

UK Livestream
Live From CAST Theatre
4th March 2021
7:30-8:30pm (London-time)

It has been nearly a year since I've sung on a stage with sound and lights, so I'm a little nervous and a lot excited to be on-stage this…

22 February 2021

Something A Little Different - For A Change!
Live From CAST
4th March 2021
7:30-8:30pm (London-time)

I'll be doing a livestream on a stage.
With a tech crew and all.
Not in my little red studio in my…

8 February 2021

Farewell To The Gold
(ft. Kris Drever, Boo Hewerdine, Findlay Napier)

In the heat of Covid Summer 2020, in a fevered dream, I was singing Farewell To The Gold on a big stage with three friends. To my right and…