8 April 2021

Saturday, April 10th 2021
1st Session 4pm (London), 11am (New York), 9am (Denver)
2nd Session 5:30pm (London), 12:30pm (New York), 10:30am (Denver)

A few spaces remain for this Saturday's guitar workshops being presented by Colorado Roots Music Camp. I'm booked to do two 75-minute ZOOM sessions: "Melodic Guitar" and "Not Your Basic Blues." There's loads of other stuff on offer too. Mando, fiddle, etc. Jump in!
All the details are here.

(Photo by Wayne Ebbinger)

The last time I played Kerrville Folk Festival I arrived in Texas with a horrendous flu. In those days no one thought of cancelling a gig. Pump yourself up with meds and get on with it was the prevailing mindset. We wouldn't do that now, would we? How times have changed! Anyway, there we were - I say we because my bride of two weeks, Jo, joined me on the tour. We were looking forward to being in the southern USA, and Texas was the cherry on the proverbial cake. There's our friends. The music. The Hill Country where the festival happens. There's Austin. All great. Thinking back, those five days at the festival are all a bit of a haze now. It was touch and go pretty much every day, as I recall, but the meds prevailed. Better living through chemistry, we joked. Jo tells me nights were the worst for her. She stayed awake trying to figure out how to get me to the nearest hospital if it came to that. Fortunately it didn't come to that, and by the time we flew off for North Carolina I had turned the corner. Recently we stayed up into the wee hours and watched the new Guy Clark documentary (we highly recommend it). Toward the end of the film he sings that great song about wishing he were in Austin, in the Chili Parlor Bar. You know the song I mean? And it all came flooding back - all these memories. The smell of the trees, the song of the cicadas, the whir of some generator out back of main stage. Funny how a song can do that.