21 December 2020

It Only Costs A Dime
Me 'n Rab Noakes

I've been listening to Rab Noakes' music since 1986. I'm a fan. We're also friends. I love the collaborative gigs we've done together the last few years. There's the music, of course, our shared love of acoustic guitar and vocal duets. But I also love the time around the gigs when we get to hang-out together. I miss all that time downtime for conversation. Hopefully in 2021...... Meanwhile,
I'm delighted that he agreed to join me for one of my virtual Lockdown Duets. I requested we do this Everly Brothers song that Rab taught me called It Only Costs A Dime. It's a throwback to a time before mobile phones. If you like it please share it around. It's a huge help when you do.
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I'm donating all the proceeds from the download of my song Shaking These Christmas Blues to M.I.N.D., a UK mental health charity. I'm so very aware of how the stress and worry of this year is taking its toll on the mental health of so many people. I want to support MIND's worthy work so that is my motivation for creating this new version. If you are able to participate, that is wonderful and your money will go to a good cause. I'll make the donation for all the downloads on December 28th. THANK ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE ALREADY SUPPORTED THIS ENDEAVOUR!
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If you want to catch-up on my all blues live stream from December 17th, click on the photo below and you will be magically re-directed to that virtual gig!

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