17 March 2021

7:30 pm (New York)

My friends at The Vanilla Bean Cafe in Pomfret, Connecticut are presenting me in their WISH YOU WERE HERE Concert Series.

I do wish I was there, but, for now, I'm here. However, thanks to the good folks at the Vanilla Bean, we can meet up and I can sing a few songs for you.

The tech end of things is being managed by MUSAE, which I've been told is one of the premier streaming services. Allegedly, you watch via a private YouTube link, so no weird passwords or sign-ups.

Tickets will be sold for the show, but on a sliding scale beginning at $5.00.


      My travels in acoustic music mostly take me deep into the heart of whatever local culture I find myself booked to play. Real people in real places living real lives, as they say. Every once in a great while, however, I come across something a little out of the ordinary. That's what happened that Spring in Florida. I started the morning drinking a lovely Cafe Con Leche in Tampa, before driving south down the west coast, along the Gulf of Mexico, then across Alligator Alley into Miami.
      The promoter for the night's gig asked me to drive to his house first, so he could drive me to the gig. You don't want to have too many cars down there, he said. Note to self: this would be a good point to ask a question or two about his comment. I didn't. I arrived at his house at the appointed hour and, after a quick chat, wrestled my guitar into the back of his sports car so we could get to the club for soundcheck before, using his words, the traffic got too crazy.
      Damn, he said, popping the car out of reverse. Forgot something. I'll be right back. I thought: Cash box? Extra tickets? Posters for the next show? Back in the saddle, so to speak, we were purring along the coast road toward the club. What'd you forget, I asked. My pistol, he said, it can get dangerous down there on a Saturday night.
      Approaching the main street, the red tail lights stretched out in front of us. I wondered: What have I got myself into this time?

We're beginning to look toward getting back to live shows eventually. Cautiously hopeful, full details on my website.